Welcome to Mixed Martial Arts School

To all the students who have begun their Martial Arts training at Mixed Martial Arts School, I would like to extend a warm word of welcome.

What ever your age or Martial Arts experience, Mixed Martial Arts School offers a unique training program from which you will benefit in many ways.

It isn’t rare to find that beginners experience a feeling of inadequacy with regard to performing the movements involved.

Through the unique training that my School has to offer, you will find that both your confidence and self-esteem will exceed many of your biggest expectations.

All students have potential whether they know it or not. Regardless of one’s mental, physical, or social status, everyone has the ability to excel and succeed in this beautiful Martial Arts  here at Mixed Martial Arts School.

Every beginner must remember; the true winner is the one who never gives up. My goal is to instill a level of confidence into my students that will help them both in Taekwondo and in the real world. I aim to have the students believe in never giving up and always having a positive mental attitude. My School’s training system incorporates and emphasizes all aspects of the Martial Arts:

Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Traditional, and Philosophical.

The most threatening situations require an instantaneous and appropriate response. At Mixed Martial Arts School you will be taught to think clearly under extreme stress and control your emotions in the real world. What you can expect from my school is that it will provide you with the best and one of the most complete Martial Arts trainings available anywhere in the world.

I sincerely believe that your training here will make you healthier and happier.
I am very proud of my school and hope that after you have trained here for even just a short time, you will feel proud to be a part of it as well.

Grand Master Jay B. Koh